Pricing for Website

Design and Development

Web Design and Dev

Due to the Complexity and Customization of Websites the prices listed here could be lower than the actually finished cost. These are my base prices to let you determine your budget. Please contact me if you have additional questions.
  • Website Design and Development

    *Final pricing is determined by the complexity of the Website and Schedule Time of Completions.
  • Price: $950.00 Quantity:
    Custom Design of HTML & CSS coded static pages.
  • Price: $1,500.00 Quantity:
    WordPress Driven site with standard WordPress functions. Theme customization or plug-in customization will be extra.
  • Price: $2,500.00 Quantity:
    E-Commerce Site built on WordPress Platform up to 150 SKU products with or without images.
  • Additional Web Services

    • Web Hosting
    • Domain Registration
    • SEO Friendly Marketing Blog
    • Message Boards/ Forums
    • Photo Gallery & Slider
    • Ad Banners
    • Royalty Free Photos
    • Webmaster Services
    • Backups
    • Security
  • Customer Information

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Please Note : All prices mentioned are subject to change without notice.