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Website and WordPress Education, WordPress Website Builds and Graphic Designs
WordPress Education Kansas City


Need a little help with coding or even some education on WordPress to allows you to keep the content up and running.
I work with all …

        • Beginning
        • Intermediate
        • Expert

Pick the level of education you want…

Designing your website


Designing your website and collateral materials to help establish and/or strengthen your brand.

  • Logos
  • Websites
  • Business Card
  • and much more


Building Blocks for your brand


MW for Designs builds with you to create your presence on the internet, to promote your brand, or even create sales of your products.
This will help strengthen your Business.

  • a place to point clients
  • showcase your work
  • make sales
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MW for Designs Studios for
Building WordPress, Graphic Design,
and Website education in Kansas City


MW for Designs Studio specializing in WordPress

education and build of website design and development

WordPress Website Design for Small Business

Have you been looking for a new website or upgrading your current one?
MW for Design Studios works to create small business WordPress websites.
We design and develop them for you and your customer in mind.

    • Let’s create a designed for your target audience
    • We can hammer out the details with how the site should preform
    • Then I can develop it for you to place continuing content
    • We are also here to help keep your site supported after the building is done.

Engage your Audience

Logos, Animations, and many more Graphics


Logo is a way to establish your brand.  MW for Designs works with you to create an amazing brand and logo for your small business.


Layouts for Print

Layout design can be for your sales sheets, brochures, business card, and many more advertising or informative materials to brand your small business. MW for Designs has experience with working on many different layouts and transferring the correct information over to your printing vendor.

Animations and Videos

Animations and Videos are great ways to engage your audience immediately. Nothing like capturing the attention with both sight and sound to drive your small business message home.

Educating you on a Variety of Subjects

WordPress, HTML & CSS Education, and More...
Johnson County Community College Continuing Education and Credit Classes

Classes at JCCC

Come to a class I teach in the continuing ed department at JCCC.  These are normally offered a couple times per semester.

WordPress Education

WordPress the Application

Learn how to navigate the WordPress Application, create pages, posts, menus and more…

Build a WordPress Website

WordPress Site Build

Learn to build a WordPress Website and the support to keep it running smoothly…

html5 and CSS3 coding


HTML and CSS will open the door to changing code on your websites. This is great for adding special design touches to make the website stand out from the crowd.

Website Design Work
and Education

You Rock!! Thank you for all you do for us

MartzBroLawn Care 2016

She made me feel comfortable in an area I have no knowledge.  She helped me understand the vision and purpose for my website.  She cared about the details and was very pleasant to work with all the way through.

1 John 3 Ministries 2016

Mary clearly knows her stuff.
Looking forward to learning more…

Duke of URLs.net 2015