A little bit about Mary

A little bit about
Mary White

A little bit about Mary White, I have been working with computers and software for the last 15 years. If I am not working with a computer, I am teaching a computer classes, or I am taking an Online Class, or maybe just playing games on my computer. Obvious I enjoy the world of computers.

Since 2008 I have put my knowledge of computers to work with my degree in Graphic Design. I have been designing, developing websites and print materials. Then I started teaching in 2014 at Johnson County Community College. I have also worked with many private students helping them with their new or exist websites

My Skills

I have experience with the most cutting edge software

  • Adobe Creative Cloud applications
  • Work with html and CSS
  • Design and develop  CMS -content management systems
    • WordPress
    • Joomla
  • Animations and Videos
  • SEO  Search Engine Optimization
  • UX/UI for all my web and mobile projects

I keep my talents up to date with the ever changing technologies and software.

Why MW for Designs?

The question you might ask your self is why MW for designs?  Well, I have a few answers for you

  • I have been creating websites since 2005 and working with WordPress since 2008.
  • I am graphic designed trained with the technical skill to get you a Brand and place it on the internet.
  • I teach WordPress
  • I work very hard at keeping up with the latest and greatest technologies
  • I pass all this on to you

Lets talk. 913.525.4586

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Mary White

Mary White

Owner / Art Director/ Educator


My goal is to partner with small businesses to create a complete advertising niche for your products or services.

  • I listen to you
  • Answer questions
  • Give advice on best practices

Convert Leads

I know you are looking for ways to convert

  •  by selling your product
  • getting a new customer
  • acquiring contact information


  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • WordPress