Why have someone to support your website? Because upgrading WordPress latest version can be scary. WordPress is a great content management system, and it is so dynamic, and flexible with the addition of Plug-Ins. Most website owners view support as adding a new page or new functionality to the site. Support is also the management side of your website keeping it all up to date.

So, you have your shiny new website in place…. “Well so happy that is done.”
Queue ominous music……dun dun DAAaaaaa
Wait..a minute this dynamic site need to be monitored/supported????
Website Owner Thinks:
What, I thought all I needed to do was blog once in awhile on my new website.”

Then, reality sets in, WordPress is always upgrading, and changing version. These changes to a WordPress website needs some Admin Loving.. Okay now what does that mean for the average WordPress Website.
Here is a few reasons I feel an admin needs to monitor/support a live website.

Admin Loving Is..

Upgrading WordPress latest version

lock can be a small task, if you are running upgrades on a regular bases. This can be a complete overhaul, if you have not upgraded in a couple of years. Being on the current WordPress version is the most important to upgrade due to the security issues that the WordPress developers makes to the software. You can review more information on upgrading on your website with WordPress codex site. Remember to review your site after you make any upgrades or changes.

Updates to Plug-Ins

can be minor issue, also depending on the Plug-Ins you are using and how often you run the updates. My advices is not to update all the Plug-Ins at once, pick the Plug-Ins your webiste use the most, and update them first and one at a time after that. Review your site after you update each Plug-In.


the whole site after any changes or update(s). This mean review each page and link on the website to make sure it is still functioning correctly.

Approving/Disapproving your comments or spams

being add to your blog post or pages. Comments are great way to get interaction with people, that are viewing your website and blogs. I feel it is wise to monitor the comments on your website to make sure the comments are not spam or abusive.

Moderating and adding new users

If your site allows or encourages people to register you will want to make sure you are getting real people. I know CAPTCHA and some other spam filters are out there. I feel that keeping a handle on the users on your website is important for security reasons. If you have a large site adding monitors to edit, or blog on your site is an option. You delegate some of the responsibility to valued users on your website.

How to

WordPress and Plug-In need to be kept up to date for security and functionally reasons.
How does one do this when an updates on WordPress or a single Plug-In can crash a Live site?
I recommend that my clients keep a Test Site to play on / and test updates to plug-in or updates to WordPress itself. If you keep a good copy of your website on a testing environment, it will give you amazing comfort to be able to run the updates there first. Check to make sure the changes do not have any adverse effects on your site. At this point, you can run the updates on the live site. This is not always a 100%, but it is the best way to avoid large problems with running your updates.

So, WordPress is dynamic and you will need to have an Admin/Monitor. Make sure you having a Testing Environment you feel comfortable running updates. Now you can go enjoy your wonderful new or old website knowing it is up to date.