WoWP LogordPress, how do you define it?

WordPress, defining it … What is WordPress? What is What is Aren’t they all the same thing?

Well WordPress or what people say is WordPress can be three things to me. This is in very simple terms.

  1. WordPress the Application for creating a blogging or content management system website.
  2. the hosting site for  blogging site or content management sites
  3.  where you can download the application files that you can use on your self-hosted service


WordPress the Application


WordPress the Application is what you use to build your posts and pages. You have a dashboard with a menus across the top and down the left side. These menus have sub-menu items that allow for more functionality. Dashboard will be different based on your theme and your user abilities. So what I see on my dashboard may not be what you see on your dashboard. wordpress dot com

One of the easiest ways to create a website or a Blog …And  you can do it all free.

  • Create a website
  • Create a blog
  • Get  followers


Being Free does have some limitations ..

  • You will not be allowed to modify code
  • You will not be allowed to have a shop (e-commerce site)
  • You will not be allowed to have videos

WordPress.orgWordPress dot org

This is where you find the downloadable code, the codex, and the community. This is Self-Hosted so the code you download is free, but you still need to have a Domain Name, and  Hosting Service to be seen on the internet.

  • WordPress core files Download code
  • Information on how to use any part of WordPress is the codex
  • The people behind WordPress are the Community, and they do so much to make WordPress as great as it is today. And if you answer or even ask questions about WordPress you are helping the community. How to get involved with the WordPress Community is on this web page


If you want help with your WordPress Site Contact me

If you want to take a class I teach at Johnson County Community College or  I will setup personalized instruction on building and using WordPress.

Comparison of vs
Here is a website that compares and WordPress.Org